Thursday, May 11, 2017

Future for Humanity

In 1921, a Swiss-Austrian teacher, Paul Amadeus Dienach, fell into a comatose state that lasted for one year. While in a coma, totally oblivious of the world around him, his mind (consciousness) travelled into the future by entering the body and mind of a man who was living in the year 3906 A.D.

When he recovered from his comatose state, in 1922, he decided to record a diary of what he could remember about his experience and journey into 3906 A.D.

Apparently, the people he encountered in the future were aware he was in a "conscious slide" and informed him of historical events that took place between the 21st century and the 39th century. They chose not to inform him of future events in the 20th century (beyond 1921) because they considered it to be dangerous for him to be aware of his immediate future if he did happen to recover from his conscious slide and return to his previous conscious-awakened state, whereby he may become disturbed about his life and alter his path, possibly altering the path of history.

* * *

The future, according to the altered state of Paul Amadeus Dienach

2000 - 2300 -- Overpopulation problems (starvation), ecological environmental problems, local minor wars, monetary system inequities.

By 2204, Colonization of the planet Mar is complete, with 20 million people.

2265 -- A natural disaster strikes on Mars, killing all humans. Thereafter, humans no longer attempt to colonize Mars.

2309 -- A great global war devastates much of civilization. The black and yellow races become nearly extinct.

2396 -- The establishment of the Global Union of Nations or States, which includes a Global Parliament on Earth. The Parliament is elected through voting, but is made up of scientists, technologists and humanitarians, rather than business people or politicians. The overpopulation, climatic, environmental and nutritional problems have been resolved. Money no longer exists, resources are redistributed. Humans work less and less during their lives. But the Global Government is a form of totalitarianism, opposed by national governments for a few more centuries. After two to five centuries, many of the humans rebelled against the Global Government control over their properties and technology, lasting until 3400.

3382 -- Humans develop the ability of "hyper-intuition" and/or "hyper-vision" whereby they achieve access to direct (spiritual) knowledge with clarity, advancing creative abilities. It becomes a mutation of the brain.

3400 - 4000 -- A new "Golden Age" commences after almost 1,000 years of problems and turmoil. The Global Government is no longer made up of scientists and technocrats, but is filled out with personalities of philosophers, artists, mystics, creative types, thinkers, etc. and everything in society (food, clothing, housing, transportation, etc.) is "free" and inequities have been eliminated. Humans only work two years in their whole life, between 17 and 19 years of age, and there is an abundance of products. The population of Earth is less than a billion. The Laws of society have greatly been reduced to three main categories and criminal or negative intentions are almost nonexistence.

The three categories of laws.

  • Two year term of working
  • Distribution of goods and traffic control
  • Stabilization of population (demographic birth control)

* * *

Obviously, one has no way of knowing if this could possibly be true, but recovering from a year in a coma is amazing in itself and his recollections of "realizing" the future is interesting to ponder.

Quote for the Day -- “Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.” Kahlil Gibran

Bret Burquest is the author of 11 books. He lives in the Ozark Mountains with a few dogs and where tomorrow is another day.

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