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Baba Vanga -- Blind Mystic

Vangeliya (Vanga) Pandeva Dimitrova (1911 - 1996) was born in Bulgaria. At age 12, she went missing for several days during a massive storm. When she was found, her eyes were covered with sand and she had lost her eyesight.

In 1925, at age 14, she spent three years at a school for the blind in the city of Zemun where she learned to read braille, do knitting & cooking & cleaning. When her stepmother died, she returned home to care for her younger siblings.

During World War II, Vanga had become well-known for her ability to heal others and as a prophet (predictor, prognosticator). Many people visited her during the war, seeking information on their relatives, whether alive or the place of their death.

One of those who sought Vanga's visions was Dimitar Gushterov, a Bulgarian soldier, who wanted to learn the killers of his brother, promising not to seek revenge.

On May 10, 1942, Vanga married Dimitar and the couple moved to Petrich, where Vanga became even more well-known as a soothsayer. Soon thereafter, Dimitar was conscripted into the Bulgarian Army and spent time in northern Greece. He became ill in 1947, fell into alcoholism and died in April of 1962.

After her marriage, Vangelia Gushterova would be later known to millions of people as Baba Vanga -- "Baba" being a term of honor and meaning a wise person. She was known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans

Baba Vanga was sought out by many people after World War II, including Leonid Brezhnez, President of the USSR, in the 1990s, and a church was built with money left by visitors.

On August 11, 1996, Baba Vanga died from breast cancer.

She is said to have predicted the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001 (as well as the rise of ISIS and many other events). Her words -- "Horror, horror. The American Brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds... The wolves will be howling in a bush and innocent blood will gush."

Some of her predictions for after 2016.

Baba Vanga had predicted that the 44th president of the USA would be an African American and that after leaving office when the country was in economic ruin and a huge divide between South & North, Urban & Rural. Also, a Muslim War would begin in Syria. Muslims would invade Europe, which will go on for many years. Chemical weapons would be used by extremists across the continent of Europe, creating a wasteland void of life.

2018 - 2023, China will become the new global super power, surpassing the USA and its economy.

2023 -- The Earth's orbit will change slightly.

2025 - 2028 -- A new energy source will be developed and global hunger would slowly be eradicated. Humans will travel to Venus, seeking new sources of energy, perhaps even creating a colony on that planet.

By 2043, Muslims will have completed their invasion of Europe and Rome will be the capital of this new caliphate.

By 2045, the ice caps will have melted.

2046 -- Body organs will be cloned and utilized as the easiest method of treatments.

2066 -- The USA will attack Muslim dominated Europe in an attempt to retake Rome, which will include the use climate weapons (sharp cooling, instant freezing).

2072 - 2086 -- Communism (classless society) will dominate globally and nature will be restored.

2088 -- A new disease emerges, causing people to "get old" in a matter of seconds and will be eradicated by 2097.

2111 -- A man-made sun will light up the dark side of the planet.

2123 -- Wars between small countries, but large countries do not interfere.

2130 -- With the assistance of aliens, humans will learn how to live in colonies under water.

2154 -- Animals become half human.

2167 -- A new religion emerges.

2170 -- A massive drought.

2183 -- A colony on Mars becomes a nuclear nation and attempts to become independent from Earth.

2187 -- The eruptions of two volcanoes are successfully stopped.

2201 -- Thermonuclear reaction slows down on the sun causing global temperatures to drop.

2221 -- While searching for alien life, humans engage with something frightening.

2256 -- Returning spacecraft bring a dangerous new disease back to Earth.

2262 -- Orbits of planets begin to progressively alter and Mars is under threat of a comet collision.

2279 -- Energy is created out of nothing (dark matter?)

2288 -- Time travel and new alien contacts.

2291 -- Sun cooling, as attempts are made to alter it.

2291 -- The force of gravity changes as powerful sun spots erupt, causing older satellites and space stations to begin to fall to Earth.

2299 -- An uprising in France as partisans clash against Islam.

2302 -- Certain mysteries of the universe are discovered, creating new laws of physics.

2304 -- A mystery of the moon becomes known.

2341 -- Something is closing in on Earth from space, causing great concern.

2354 -- An accident on one of the man-made suns causes a drought.

2371 -- Global hunger.

2480 -- A collision of two man-made suns causes global darkness.

3005 -- War on Mars

3010 -- The moon is struck by a comet, creating a belt of rocks & dust around the Earth.

3797 -- Humans will have relocated to a new star system and all matter on Earth will cease to exist.

3805 -- Climate on new planet affects human organisms, causing war between humans over scarce resources, whereupon half of the population will die.

3815 - 3878 -- Development of civilization halts. A new prophet emerges, receiving support from all, creating a new church and re-training the people in forgotten sciences.

4302 - 4674 -- New cities emerging as a new church encourages new technology. Scientists discover impact of diseases on organism behavior and a way to cure all diseases. Due to human mutation, human brains advance in capacity and elimination of evil minds. Eventually, the development of civilization reaches its peak, with 340 billion people living on various planets. Assimilation with aliens begins.

5076 - 5078 -- A decision to leave the boundary of the Universe. About 40 percent of the population is against it.

5079 -- The Planet Earth ceases to exist.

* * *

Some of this may or may not happen.  Prophecy is a tricky endeavor, especially concerning the future.

 However, I find it interesting. After going through a period of experiencing precognitive dreams of future events occurring in my life, well in advance of them actually happening (several days or more), when I was in my late 30s through the present, I have come to believe that glimpses of the future can indeed take place. But perhaps those glimpses of the future are revealing the future as it would exist from that moment on, unless something "unpredictable" took place to alter the precise future.

Life on Planet Earth is strange & magical & mysterious & wonderful & often difficult -- all rolled into one.

But dwelling on the past can create depression over regrets and dwelling on the future can create anxiety over an unknown path of events.

Clearly, living in the present is the way to inner peace.

What will be, will be -- go with the Flow.

Quote for the Day -- “Be Here Now." Baba Ram Dass

Bret Burquest is the author of 11 books. He lives in the Ozark Mountains with a few dogs and where tomorrow is another day.

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