Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bilderberg Group

It has been said that power corrupts. But the ultimate truth is that positions of power attract the corruptible among us.

In 1954, a group of powerful men and women met in the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland to form an alliance whose purpose was to organize the world in a manner suitable to their liking.

This alliance, known as the Bilderberg Group, was made up of 120 prominent businessmen, politicians and European royalty, and has held annual meetings ever since in posh locations in Europe or North America to influence the fate of the world.

These annual meetings are held in total secrecy Reporters and other outsiders are prevented from attending, or even entering the premises, by armed security forces, and not a word of what is said in a Bilderberg meeting can be breathed outside. Meetings are held behind closed doors and the minutes are not published.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, former member of the SS within the Nazi Party, a Bilderberg Group founder, stated, “It’s difficult to reeducate the people who have been brought up on nationalism to the idea of relinquishing part of their sovereignty to a supernatural body.”

According to former Bilderberg delegate Will Hutton, a British economist, the meetings are the “backdrop against which policy is made worldwide.”

The primary goals of the Bilderberg Group are a one-world government, a one-world monetary system and a vast reduction in world population. And to no one’s surprise, the Bilderbergers would like very much to be in charge of that government.

Bilderberger George McGhee, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, contends, “the Treaty of Rome, which brought the European Market into being was nurtured at Bilderberg meetings.”

In the 1998 Bilderberg meeting, one of the decisions was to encourage British Prime Minister Tony Blair to press harder for Britain’s entry into the European Union, another step toward one-world government.

British journalist Tony Gosling claims, “I first heard about the determination of U.S. forces to attack Iraq from leaks that came out of the 2002 Bilderberg meeting.”

In 2009, the annual Bilderberg meeting took place in Greece whereby participants apparently came to an agreement that in order to achieve their objective of a New World Order that the U.S. dollar needed to be completely destroyed. Investigative reporter Daniel Estulin reported that the plan to totally destroy the economy and ultimately reduce the global population by 80 percent has caused concerns within the Bilderberg Group that the resulting chaos could lead to the global elitists losing control of the world.

As reported by several mainstream news sources, just prior to the Bilderberg meeting in Greece, a group of global elitists held a "secret" meeting at the behest of David Rockefeller (New World Order advocate) in New York where the main topic was to plot the demise of the U.S. dollar.

Not surprisingly, president Obama continues to be a one-man train wreck on the U.S. economy, plunging the country further and further into unprecedented debt.

Gary Dorsch, editor of GLOBAL MONEY TRENDS, observes: “No one is asking who will purchase the $1-trillion of U.S. Treasuries to be offered to the market by September. Once that colossal amount of paper is bought, who will purchase another $5-trillion of Treasury paper over the next four-years, as the US-government plunges deeper into insolvency.”

After the deliberate collapsing of the U.S. Dollar, the Bilderberg plan for the Global economy calls for something called Special Drawing Rights issued by the International Monetary Fund (privately controlled by global elitists).

The International Monetary Fund elitists already have plans to print billions of dollars worth of a global "super-currency" to address the economic crisis they created in the first place. A one-world currency is the next step toward a one-world government.

Critics of the Bilderberg Group claim that they coercively manipulate global finances and establish rigid, binding monetary rates around the world. The Group selects political figures they believe will further their cause and targets those who oppose their goals. This strategy guarantees the propagation of their own power and the enrichment of its members, often at the expense of human rights and environmental concerns.

Like it or not, a small group of powerful people in high places are meeting regularly and secretly to manipulate world affairs.

Our currency says it all: Novus Ordo Seclorum – New World Order. Perhaps a one-world government has been in the works for a long time.

The global elitists control the global monetary system, the mainstream media, the military-industrial complex and government leaders. They want it all under one central command and have a strong desire to vastly reduce the global population.

There have even been discussions among the global elitists about implanting chips within the human population to aid in their command and control over their global empire.

Life is simple -- Live free or die.

Quote for the Day – "I wish to be remembered that I was the last man in my tribe to surrender my rifle." Sitting Bull (Holy Man of the Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux, 1831-1890)

Bret Burquest is an award-winning columnist and author of four novels. He lives in the Ozark Mountains with a dog named Buddy Lee and has a strong desire to live in a world without being manipulated by greed-heads behind closed doors. His blogs appear on several websites, including www.myspace.com/bret1111


Francesco said...

Not even a comment, yet?

Do nobody care of this conspiracy?

You see, Bilderberg members can sleep well. Although people knows about their evil plans, don't want to see.

People depend on the little things they own and gained with huge efforts, while a little group of persons have everything for free.

Yeah little man, fight for your under-paid job, the house which you live in that belongs to the banks, your few hours of air between two days of work (or should I call it..slavery?).

I really hope someone will eventually have the guts to pick up a rifle.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!