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The Soul's Journey Between Lives

Dr. Michael Newton has a PhD in Counseling Psychology and is a certified Master Hypnotherapist. He is a pioneer in examining the mystery of our existence in the spirit world after our life on Earth and has developed his own age-regression techniques in order to take his subjects beyond past life memories into their experience in the spiritual realm between lives.

According to Dr. Newton, people under hypnosis are not dreaming or hallucinating -- in this state, they are incapable of lying.

Initially, he was a skeptic who did not believe in reincarnation or a spiritual afterlife. His purpose was to treat various psychological disorders through hypnotic suggestion, such as quitting smoking or losing weight.

However, occasionally a subject would ask him to bring them back to a past life. Over time, Dr, Newton gradually became aware of a pattern of experiences everyone encountered.

The following 10 sequential stages of experiences we will all encounter in the afterlife are from Dr. Newton's first book, JOURNEY OF SOULS.

1) Death and Departure

Upon death, you float out of your body. You observe people around you, grieving about your death. You then feel a sensation where you are drawn away from your body. You feel euphoric and free. There is a brilliant light beckoning you -- some see the light in the distance while others feel this light all around them.

There is a strong attraction toward the afterlife. Some people go with the flow toward the light, while others may linger around Earth for a few days of our time (there is an accelerated sense of time in the afterlife).

2) Gateway into the Spirit World

Not everyone experiences this sequence of events.

You observe a dark tunnel. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You enter the tunnel and approach the light. For some, the tunnel appears right after they float out of their bodies, while others soar high above the Earth before they encounter and enter the tunnel.

3) Homecoming

You are greeted in the afterlife by your spirit guide and others. These people in the spirit world may appear as masses of luminous energy, but they also project faces you are familiar with. They are there to greet us and help us peacefully transcend into the spirit world.

Some of these people may still be physically alive in the Earth world. When a person incarnates into a carnal world, such as Earth, the true soul remains in the spirit world. The physical human body on Earth is a projection of the true spirit (soul) in a higher realm.

4) Orientation

Your spirit guide assists you through a process of healing whereby you are cleansed of the traumas you may have brought with you into the afterlife. You enter a room of light where you are bathed in a stream of liquid healing energy that appears like a beam of light coming toward you and moving through you.

The second phase of orientation is a counseling process through your spirit guide. This is a private initial session to prepare you for your later appearance before the Council of Elders. You will discuss your life on Earth and whether you lived up to the expectations that you chose to experience and master before birth into Earth.

5) Transition

You enter a large area where you observe souls coming and going, floating within an interconnecting web of tunnels to their next destinations. Once you move through these tunnels, you begin a group counseling session.

You are joined by those you love and who are on the same general level of soul evolution as you. You discuss your experiences and compare notes with these familiar souls. You are connecting with family and friends, and are aware which ones are between lifetimes and which ones are also in a physical body in a carnal dimension.

You appear before a Council of Elders to discuss your soul evolution and goals for your next incarnation. The members of the Council of Elders are highly evolved spirits, who reside in the higher spiritual realm, with a strong sense of divinity and are bathed in a light of energetic positive power. The Elders encourage patience and to hold true to your values.

6) Placement

You now find yourself in a school classroom type of environment with your own soul group (your closest friends who are on the same general soul evolution level). The soul groups can be between 3 and 25 souls, with the typical group at about 15 souls -- referred to as your Inner Circle, which remains consistent from lifetime to lifetime. You also come in contact with a much larger secondary group, which consists of a thousand or many more souls who move together in clusters through different eras and locations.

In this school setting, you are sitting down examining your "life book" whereby each page of this large leather-bound book contains a given period of time in your earthly life in the form of a virtual-reality holographic projection. As you go through the book, you review your life experiences, with emphasis on the minds of those with whom you interacted.

There are 7 levels that souls move through in the afterlife. Souls do not gain the opportunity to stop reincarnating into physical bodies until they have reached Level 5. At the Placement stage of soul evolution, the following reflects the percentage of souls along the evolutionary process.

Level 1 -- 42%
Level 2 -- 31%
Level 3 -- 17%
Level 4 -- 9 %
Level 5 -- 1 %

7) Life Selection

Many souls do not want to leave the spiritual realm -- a dimension of peace, love, wisdom and bliss -- back into a reincarnation within an earthly dimension of pain, suffering and injustice, such as Planet Earth or other third-density planets.

However, you must choose your next incarnation based on your evolutionary needs to aid in your soul growth. You will only chose incarnations you are capable of handling, but things don't always go as planned.

8) Choosing a New Body

During the Life Selection process, you will also choose a new body. Each body has difficulties associated with it, thus you will discuss your choices with your spirit guide. Most major injuries you will experience in your physical life are also chosen at this point.

Much of your personality will carry over from one life to the next, but there will also be personality influences based on the body you choose, such as heredity and experiences.

9) Preparation and Embarkation

Numerous synchronicities will be planned to insure you take certain steps in human life at certain times. For example, if you choose to be in a relationship with someone, you may plan a symbol (an object or something being said or a specific piece of music or whatever) that will appear when we first encounter this person. High-level guides will assist you in this planning process.

After the planning, you may have another meeting with the Council of Elders to remind you of your intention and goals.

10) Rebirth

Once you finally depart the spiritual realm, you'll have a sense of dropping downward through areas of luminous energy. You may also observe another dark tunnel and return to Earth within it. As you exit the tunnel, you are now in the body of a baby within your new mother's womb.

After birth, you'll strive to integrate your soul energies with the brain of your new physical body.

May the Force be with you.

* * *

Dr. Newton's second book, DESTINY OF SOULS (New Case Studies of Life between Lives), was published in 2013.

Quote for the Day -- “Since you came to birth in this world at this time, in this place, and with this particular destiny, it was this indeed that you wanted and required for your own ultimate illumination." Joseph Campbell

Bret Burquest is the author of 10 books. He lives in the Ozark Mountains with a couple of dogs and where sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a train.

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