Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ascention into Infinity

The purpose in life is to discover the purpose in life, thereby expanding your wisdom in a quest for eternal bliss.

Ascension is the raising of your consciousness -- a change in vibration (electromagnetic frequency) in terms of your being (atomic structure).

The ascension process is the sole purpose of life in the cosmos. It involves descending into the lower dimension of matter (reincarnating into a carnal world over and over again) and rising into the upper dimension of spirit -- integrating the duality of good and evil into a realm of oneness of blissful contentment.

There is no good or evil, no imperfection. The totality of everything (known and beyond) is a Supreme Oneness, and as such it is as it should be (perfection). The micro may seem highly flawed, small pockets of imperfection within an unfathomable universe and beyond, but the macro (Supreme Oneness) is a collection of flawed micros that become portions of an ultimate perfection.

Earth is an orb of ignorance, suffering, injustice, pain and materialism in a 3-dimensional plane of existence (3rd Density). Ascension will allow the eternal soul of individuals to rise to the 4th or 5th Density -- higher astral planes of existence where harmony in spirit resides.

Reincarnation is the passage of the soul through many carnal lives. We are spiritual beings experiencing a carnal existence of pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow. Our true soul remains in a higher astral plane of existence while our projection of self cycles through incarnations to help the soul grow to the full potential of a unity consciousness (benevolent cooperation versus selfish competition).

The earth is a training ground for the soul -- the earthly body expires -- the soul resides in an astral state of review -- the soul must choose between seeking earthly desires or accepting eternal bliss as an individual consciousness of love and benevolence. It is also a choice between a "physical" body (in a potentially hostile environment) capable of experiencing carnal pleasures versus a heavenly body (pocket of energy) with an individual consciousness of compassion and love (a heavenly angelic spirit).

Since desires are difficult to satisfy, the temptation is to return to a carnal existence once again. And when desires are granted, the temptation is to repeat the experience.

Thus, the cycle of reincarnation becomes a trap -- seeking excitement and repeating the pleasure of excitement.

Reincarnation is a series of necessary steps for individual souls, a learning experience, to progress in spirituality to attain enough patience and grace to be able to merge with the Supreme Oneness and add to the perfection of the Supreme Oneness.

Time is accelerating like a bullet train.

Mother Earth is about to experience a great change, a massive cleansing.

An individual choice must be made -- benevolence versus materialism -- Service To Others (STO) versus Service To Self (STS).

The Journey of the Soul through Eternity includes overcoming carnal desires and ego gratification.

Reincarnation is part of that journey, a learning/growing experience. It is not you versus the universe -- it is you versus you.

Eternal damnation is for those who cannot rise above earthly desires (who cannot become STO) and are doomed to recycle (reincarnate) into a 3rd Density existence forever.

Eternal Bliss is for those who realize no one succeeds unless everyone succeeds.

Quote for the Day -- "Your own positive future begins in this moment -- all you have is right now." Lao Tzu

Bret Burquest is the author of 10 books, including ORB OF WOUNDED SOULS, PATH TO FOURTH DENSITY and 11:11 EARTH TIME. He lives in the Ozark Mountains with a dog named Buddy Lee and occasionally talks to trees.

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