Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nothing, Nothing Still

Nothing, Nothing Still
The Orb of Wounded Souls hurls through the Void
The Dark Rift awaiting at the center of the Way
Great Expectations approach the 3rd Density

The Age of Enlightenment is upon the Orb
At the end of the Grand Procession in 12 of 12
Enlightened Ones ascend into the 4th Density
Retrograde in 3D for those who cling to envy

The Whore of Babylon sits on the Throne
Illuminated Dragons behind the Golden Curtain
The Mark of the Beast flies on Friday
Schrodinger's Cat hides in the box

11 and 11 will comprehend the Curse
The Orb is a carnal entrapment of shades of gray
33 Masters dwell in the 7th Realm
Where patience reigns Supreme as One

Complex souls are birds of youth
Formed from the Rock of Ages
Evolving into lustful barbarians
Becoming slaves of shining objects

The bush burns slowly for those who covet
Choosing helplessness over freedom
When trampled by uniformed boots of security
The truth no longer sets them free

Space and Time harness the Universe
Patience is the Third element of the Trinity
Matter is the mystical illusion of the 3rd Density
Energy being the hidden essence of Being

The ancient Tzu sits atop a mountain above the fray
As the golden sun sinks into a red glow of splendor
Comprehending answers before seeking questions
Knowing that all knowing is within

The Journey through Eternity is forever
Surrounded by Infinity
Suffering is the key to Understanding
Understanding is the key to Bliss

Everything is what it is
All is One
Soul purpose is to become pure within
Accepting the sole perfection of the One

Nothing is as it seems
Nothing is beyond comprehension
Nothing is beneath perfection
Nothing, Nothing Still

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