Saturday, January 2, 2010

Planets in Retrograde

A planet that appears to move backward in the sky for a period of time is said to be in retrograde. This retrograde action is an illusion, created by the orbit of our own planet called Earth.

According to SOLITARY WITCH by Silver RavenWolf, when a planet turns retrograde, it’s the universe’s way of saying to just sit back and chill. People tend to run around like crazy, especially during Mercury Retrograde. The proper reaction to retrograde is “don’t start anything in the subject area that the corresponding retrograde planet corresponds to.”

Planet -- MERCURY
Subject -- Communication
Retrograde Period -- 3 times per year for 3 weeks duration
Human Behavior -- Arguments, travel delays, electronic breakdowns, computer viruses
Proper Reaction -- Think before you speak, tie up loose ends on old projects

Planet -- VENUS
Subject -- Socialization
Retrograde Period -- Every 18 months for 40 days duration
Human Behavior -- Attracted to the bizarre, dwindling cash, little is accomplished
Proper Reaction -- Evaluate your relationships, seek to find lost items

Planet -- MARS
Subject -- Action
Retrograde Period -- Every 2 years for 70 days duration
Human Behavior -- Aggressiveness, won’t take no for an answer, confusion, resentment
Proper Reaction -- Seek closure on old issues, meditate, do physical work

Planet -- JUPITER
Subject -- Expansion
Retrograde Period -- Once per year for 120 days duration
Human Behavior -- Limited energy, bad finances, low on generosity, overindulgence
Proper Reaction -- Work on inner changes, do things with your hands

Planet -- SATURN
Subject -- Limits
Retrograde Period -- Once per year for 140 days duration
Human Behavior -- Change in group structures, politicians ousted, delayed rewards, abuse
Proper Reaction -- Make better use of time, get rid of bad friends and bad habits

Planet -- URANUS
Subject -- Destruction
Retrograde Period -- Once per year for 148 days duration
Human Behavior -- Freedom threatened, humanitarian efforts stall, gang activity increases
Proper Reaction -- Drop the mask and be the real you, work on group change

Planet -- NEPTUNE
Subject -- Transformation
Retrograde Period -- Once per year for 150 days duration
Human Behavior -- Desire to escape, indulgence in fantasy, drugs and alcohol on the rise
Proper Reaction -- Meditation, vision quest, dream analysis, spirituality, talk to a tree

Planet -- PLUTO
Subject -- Regeneration
Retrograde Period -- Once per year for 180 days duration
Human Behavior -- Out with the old, in with a new path of life, new ways of problem-solving
Proper Reaction -- Clean everything, throw out old junk, redesign rituals

As we enter the year 2010, Mercury is in retrograde. It will turn direct on January 16. Thus, I shall proceed with caution for the next couple of weeks. I will avoid any unnecessary trips to areas populated by crazed lunatics, such as Iran, Afghanistan or Texas, and I will refrain from making any smartass comments about Mother Nature, Father Time or Lady Gaga.

Happy New Year, starting January 17.

Quote for the Day -- “Being a Witch means to want to work every day to be a better person. When you change yourself, then the world around you cannot help but change.” Silver RavenWolf

Bret Burquest is an award-winning columnist and author of four novels. He lives in the Ozark Mountains with a dog named Buddy Lee and where black cats stalk the moon during Mercury Retrograde. His blogs appear on several websites, including

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