Friday, October 3, 2008

11:11 -- The Purpose in Life

In 1982, I was living in the Hollywood Hills overlooking Universal Studios. I had recently been divorced, was doing occasional computer programming contracts and writing screenplays trying to break into the movie business.

One night, I went to bed fairly early. I was sleeping soundly, having a very vivid dream about a woman with dark curly hair and thunder thighs. She was with a French poodle that was giving birth to four puppies, one black and three white.

All of a sudden I awoke and sat upright as if lifted by an invisible giant hand. My head turned to the left, as if it were compelled by some unknown force, until I was staring at my digital clock.

The clock read 11:11 PM.

Two days later, I was in the middle of a short-term computer assignment in Woodland Hills. For absolutely no reason, I turned around and glanced at the digital clock on the far wall of the office.

It was 11:11 AM.

At that moment, the manager walked into the office and introduced me to a new employee, a woman with dark curly hair and thunder thighs. The new employee told me it was a bad day to start a new job because her dog just had a litter of puppies the previous evening, one black and three white French poodles.

This was a major turning point in my life.

This 11:11 phenomenon triggered a series of remarkable precognitive dreams and continues to this day. My life had been transformed. I became very introspective and started living a more simple way of life.

I moved into the mountains above Malibu, switched from writing screenplays to writing novels, cut back on the computer work and spent much of my time studying metaphysical phenomena, such as the art of dreaming, ancient prophesy, reincarnation, shamanism, remote viewing, auras, telekinesis, parallel dimensions, spirit guides, ghostly apparitions, Edgar Cayce, Carlos Castaneda, etc.

My first novel was about a person who had a similar series of 11:11 encounters that changed his life. I wanted to see if other people were having the same experience.

Over time, I learned that my 11:11 experience was not unique. My first discovery was a commune of 11:11 people in Eureka, Montana, led by a woman named Solara. I had some e-mail correspondence with them, intending to travel there and check them out, but they changed locations a few times and I lost track of them

If you do a Google search on 11:11, you'll get about 300 million hits. Similar events have happened to many other people around the world. Psychic Uri Geller, also an 11:11 person, believes the 11:11 people all have a common destiny but it has yet to be revealed.

I believe 11:11 is the gateway to a higher plane of existence, the key to the mysteries of the universe and beyond. It's a signal that awakens the subconscious mind to the revelation of the greater reality of an ultimate oneness, thereby compelling you to reflect upon your life and seek a higher purpose.

In any event, I was slowly evolving into escaping the rat race of L.A. and discovering my purpose in life. Perhaps this was my midlife crisis moment.

I quit working, sold my possessions, bought a 4X4 pickup truck with a camper shell and acquired all the necessary equipment to become a gold prospector. My objective was to roam around the southwestern USA to find a place to settle down and start a new life of peace and solitude.

Then I left Los Angeles in the summer of 1986, at age 42, with a dog named Shadow at my side, and headed for the hills. I never expected to strike it rich, but I had this romantic notion that the adventure would be the real treasure. If I managed to stumble upon the Mother Lode, it would only be frosting on the cake.

I spent about 8 months moving from one remote location to another in the northern California gold country, western Nevada and northern Arizona.

I liked the Arizona territory the best and spent most of my time there.

At first, I found some nice areas in the wilderness east of Dolan Springs, where I camped among the Joshua trees. During the day, I hiked into the hills, taking samples along the way. At night, I sat by the campfire, staring at the stars, wondering whatever possessed me to live in a big city in the first place. It was a bit like being in heaven.

For the next several months, I camped on the low desert northeast of Wickenburg or up in the mountains near Prescott, depending on the weather. I actually found a few traces of gold now and then, but preferred to spend most of my time staring at campfires and discussing philosophy with Shadow.

It was a glorious experience.

The most important thing I learned was that the purpose in life is to discover the purpose in life.

And in order to discover the purpose in life, you must realize that you are of paramount importance and total insignificance, both at the same time.

You must become fearless in order to become whole. Suffering and injustice can only be overcome with grace and courage. Patience is the key to inner peace.

The most important thing Shadow learned was where all the bones were buried. His purpose in life was to hang out in the desert with some crazed loner who kept staring into campfires, boring him with philosophy.

Eight months after I started my midlife journey, I bought a home in the desert a few miles outside of Wickenburg where I began to live a simpler life. I did occasional computer work, just enough to keep the bills paid. I also continued writing novels and prospected the desert, scratching for gold, eventually filing two mining claims.

Through some fateful circumstances and coincidences, I sold the mining claims for a tidy profit six years later and moved into the Ozark Mountain region of Arkansas where I continued writing and found a publisher for my four novels.

Life is simple. Decide what makes you happy, figure out a way to make it work and do it.

For many years, I thought my purpose in life had been fulfilled, and I could go to my grave with a smile on my face and no regrets. But life goes on and new challenges keep popping up.

I started out with nothing and still have most of it.

My riches are my memories.


Quote for the Day – "The difference between one who seeks to discover their purpose in life and a lost soul is that the Seeker sees everything as a challenge, whereas the lost soul sees it as a blessing or a curse." Bret

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