Friday, August 1, 2008

Dog Meat in China

China is hosting the 2008 Olympic Games in August. In an effort not to offend civilized human beings arriving in China for the event, 112 designated Olympic restaurants have been ordered to remove dog meat from restaurant menus until after the civilized human beings have returned to their civilized countries.

The Beijing Catering Trade Association will blacklist those restaurants that fail to cooperate, however they'll make an exception for dog meat "for medicinal purposes."

Dog has been eaten in China for at least 7,000 years. It is sometimes referred to as "fragrant meat" or "Mutton of the earth."

An estimated 300,000 dogs are killed in China annually and processed for meat. Some of it is exported to Korea.

Factory farms import large, docile breeds, particularly St. Bernards, which are then cross-bred with local dogs, and raise them under horrendous conditions, grouped extremely tightly in stacked cages.

Rather than simply killing the dog for processing, they slowly torture it to death over a long period of time, claiming the adrenalin rush gives the meat more flavor.

A dog is a domestic animal whose main purpose in life is to love and please their human companions.

Anyone who would do such a thing to such a wonderful, loving creature should be slowly tortured to death using a baseball bat, a blow torch and a rusty screwdriver. After all, it gives the meat more flavor.

Rather than put an end to such barbaric behavior, the Chinese government merely halts the practice of serving dog meat for a couple of months, then it's back to business as usual. In a country ruled by mindless bureaucrats, the perception of goodness is more important than actually doing the right thing.

It's bad enough that human beings use animals as circus performers or rodeo attractions or game to be hunted or as clothing items or objects of experimentation or stuffed decorative items or whatever. But when a human being is deliberately cruel to an animal, it becomes an earth-shattering event to everyone who understands that animals are defenseless creatures requiring the appreciation and protection of humanity.

When thousands of innocent, lovable dogs are slowly tortured to death, in an unspeakably horrific manner, day after day after day, sanctioned by the culture of a society, we all suffer. It's a cancer on all of humanity and it must not be allowed to continue.

Rather than presenting a false image, China should live up to the bogus perception it has tried to create. Stop pretending to be civilized human beings and actually become civilized human beings.

The truth will set you free.

Quote for the Day – The greatness of a nation and its moral purpose can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi

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